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Main Exhibit

Our collection transports you back in time with objects from the past 200 years. Discover many of the everyday items that were to be found in rural homes across Ireland. Learn how they were used, and how they came to be replaced with the advent of rural electrification and the move from horse power to diesel power.
Visitors to our folk Museum love to learn about cooking in times gone by. To seethe quern stonewhich was used to grind corn and the griddles and kettles used to cook over the open fire. To learn about bog butter and its significance.The rush light and laundry equipment give you an insight in to the challenges and demands of running a home before electrification.
We also have sections showcasing the trades, craftsmen and craftswomen who played important roles in every rural community. See the tools used by the cobbler, carpenter and brickmaker and examine the quality of their craftsmanship.
Life in bygone days was not without its leisure and enjoyment, and we have a collection of musical items including gramophones, 78 records andmany 8 track tapes

A group of people at the sweet shop

Farm machinery

People worked hard on the land to grow food and harvest fuel. Our collection of vintage farm machinery, some dating from the nineteenth century, include hand and horse drawn implements as well as a Ferguson TVO vintage tractor.  Each tool and piece of machinery had a role to play on the farm as the rural community moved through their tasks to the rhythm of the seasons

The Mccormack Photography room

Derryglad Folk and Heritage Museum is home to the most complete photographic studio museum in Ireland.  The McCormack Photography room recreates a photographic premises which operated from 1948-2002. The collection includes D&P lines, old and rare cameras , enlargers, B&W and colour processing equipment as well as items from the studio dark room and finishing rooms.

Dairy section

Our diary section reminds visitors of the intensive work required to get milk and butter on the family table long ago. See the cow ties and milk stools, the butter churns and butter moulds as well as the variety of artefacts and gadgets that would have been in daily use in the dairy.


There was a time when most medicines were made on the premises by the chemist. Our collection includes the raw materials for the manufacture of creams, ointments, pastes and syrups that were dispensed by the local chemist. Our replica chemist shop front displays some of the product range, like razors and baby bottles, that were to be found in chemist shops across rural Ireland.

School room

In our recreated classroom you will find the open fire, and old school desks with inkwells.  The shelves above contain fountain pens, ink, slates and chalk with old style leather school satchels lying on the seats.

Grocer & Bar

In the country grocers shop the counter is shared with the bar.  The shelves are piled high with packets, all household names, some long forgotten, some still bought for Irish homes today.  Look around the shelves, what do you remember from the homes of your youth?

Old style Garage

The arrival of the car and tractor led to the establishment of the garage.  With old-style petrol pump outside and a selection of oils, tools and puncture repair kits inside there are lots of items to interest the car enthusiast.